• Linea bioinox
    Linea bioinox
    Linea bioinox

Stainless steel cookware for a natural cooking

BIOINOX is the more suitable hygienically product to cook foods, it does not release any harmful substance, it has not any paint coating.

The stainless steel 18/10 used to produce these pots and pans is totally recyclable. It has an average recycled content of 60% and its production requires less energy consumption compared to other metals.

Cooking tools environmentally friendly for a natural cooking.

At the end of its "life cycle" it is completely recycled, it does not produce any waste which increases landfills and its scraps do not pollute neither the air nor the ground or groundwater. Its use, in the new casts, allows a considerable saving of raw materials.

Natural cooking

A natural diet lies not only in the choice of healthy foods. The care in the preparation includes choosing kitchen tools that leave unaltered the nutritional properties of the foods and grants conditions of hygienic safety.

The BIOINOX cookware in stainless steel 18/10 meets these requirements and is well suited for all types of cooking. The heat-diffuser triple bottom better distributes the heat in a smooth and delicate way.

Bioinox ensures a clean and hygienic cooking, it does not absorb odours or flavours, it is durable and long-lasting. It is unalterable in time, it does not release any harmful substance and its functionality is favoured by a simple and modern design.