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For a greener world

To produce in a sustainable way is possible

When it comes to environmental sustainability and green philosophy people often imagine situations far away from our daily lives. For us, the environment is a serious matter. Every day we strive to ensure that these policies are translated into actions through a proper waste collection system and by reducing as much as possible the amount of waste, consumed oils and the amount of energy used. This commitment continued with the design and the creation in 2007 of an efficient photovoltaic system that satisfies the entire energy needs of our company in Villa Carcina.

All of our products are made in completely recyclable stainless steel. Its production requires less energy than other metals and contains an average of 60% of recycled material. At the end of its "life cycle" the stainless steel is fully recycled, it does not produce waste and its wreckage doesn’t pollute the air, neither the soil, or the groundwater.

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