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For a greener world

To produce in a sustainable way is possible

When it comes to environmental sustainability and green philosophy people often imagine situations far away from our daily lives. For us, the environment is a serious matter. Every day we strive to ensure that these policies are translated into actions through a proper waste collection system and by reducing as much as possible the amount of waste, consumed oils and the amount of energy used. This commitment continued with the design and the creation in 2007 of an efficient photovoltaic system that satisfies the entire energy needs of our company in Villa Carcina.

All of our products are made in completely recyclable stainless steel. Its production requires less energy than other metals and contains an average of 60% of recycled material. At the end of its "life cycle" the stainless steel is fully recycled, it does not produce waste and its wreckage doesn’t pollute the air, neither the soil, or the groundwater.




Our company, particularly attentive to environmental and sustainability issues, has certified its environmental management system according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

The Environmental Management System defines, in a systematic, planned and documented manner, the organizational and technical activities adopted, aimed at minimizing and reducing the environmental impact of company processes, and at the constant monitoring of consumption and emission values of any type deriving from 'productive activity.

We are certain that we are thus interpreting a need that is increasingly felt by our customers and consumers, to whom we want to offer, together with the guarantee of product quality, the added value of compliance with the highest sustainability standards.

Our environmental management system is  certified by GCERT.



With the implementation of a documented Quality and Environmental Management System, INOXRIV S.p.A. assumes a commitment through which it aims to ensure the quality of the products and services offered to meet customer expectations and consolidate the image achieved in its sector, paying the utmost attention to environmental issues, such as a constant commitment to environmental protection, the prevention of all forms of pollution, compliance with and adaptation to legislative compliance obligations, as well as deriving from the expectations and needs of the parties interested.


The Quality and Environment System defines the organizational and technical activities adopted by the organization in a systematic, planned and documented manner. These methods are aimed at achieving the following purposes:

- operate ensuring

   - a constant improvement in the level of product reliability and process efficiency, in particular through:

   - better organization and planning of work;

   - efficient management of the procurement process of materials and services;

- the maintenance of a control system aimed at constantly monitoring all work activities and the final characteristics of the product using statistical techniques if necessary;
- constantly monitor the risks associated with management in compliance with the requirements of the interested parties;
- ensure leadership at all levels of the organization and make adequate resources available to interested parties in order to ensure continuous improvement;
comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations in order to achieve customer satisfaction;
- acquisition of new customers, adapting to the new levels of quality and efficiency found in the sector, in order to ensure continuous growth;
- increase one's professionalism, improving the external image with the achievement of credibility on the market, demonstrable also through certification;
- ensure the Customer that the quality of the service/product requested is achieved and maintained;
- coordinate all activities that influence the quality of performance;
- Minimize and reduce the environmental impact of company processes, with a careful analysis of the product cycle, consumption and emission values of any type deriving from the production activity.

For this purpose, the Management provides for:

- ensure that the Quality and Environment Policy is understood and supported at all levels of the Company's organization;
- provide the necessary resources to the interested parties to achieve the objectives, both in economic and organizational terms;
- encourage continuous improvement of the individual skills of each employee, with active participation in training activities, so that the skills of collaborators become corporate assets.
- encourage continuous improvement of the Company's environmental performance.

The objectives of Quality and the Environment can only be achieved with the collaboration of all company resources, pursuing consistency between those of each area and the global ones.

Continuous improvement can be achieved through:

- the search for significant and highly professional Clients,
- the efficient and effective management of the organization, professionalism and awareness,
- the reduction of non-conformities and defects and the reduction of costs and consumption of natural resources.


Aurora Rivadossi

(CEO Inoxriv)

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