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Since 1941 the passion for the kitchen in our products

Manufacturers of ethical and environmentally sustainable cookware

Since 1941 we have been designing and manufacturing innovative and functional cookware and kitchen tools, entirely made in Italy to ensure a high quality product at a fair price. We have grown through the acknowledgement and the preservation of fundamental values, shared by the people who support us every day in the continuous development of our company. Sharing these values ​​means a particular attention to our employees, to the quality of our products, to the safeness and the guarantee for the consumers, thanks to a constant commitment in order to improve the company.

The “Made in Italy” environmentally respectful

We believe in the “Made in Italy” that enhances an industrial tradition and a unique social and economic heritage and that identifies a quality worldwide recognized. To produce in Italy means total control of the production cycle, concern for the environment, respect for the workers’ rights. We particularly care about issues related to the use of renewable energy, the recycling and the proper waste disposal.

The stainless steel is our strength but we don’t have a steel heart

In our intention, the commitment to help creating a better world is not limited to protecting the environment, but integrates itself with the support of cultural initiatives and projects of different kind, which also involve solidarity associations and no profit organizations.