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Refined design and unmistakable style of great aesthetic effect and perfect functionality.

High quality, perfect functionality, exceptional cooking performance!

Produced in high quality 18/10 stainless steel, the MILANO cookware is characterized by the triple thermo-diffuser bottom made with the new and exclusive high-conducting SMART HEATING technology that ensures the best cooking performance and an excellent effect inaderente.

The Inoxriv pots of the MILANO line combine the advantages of mechanical strength and the aesthetic quality of steel, the most hygienic material for food contact, with the fundamental advantages of high conduction and thermal diffusion of aluminum.



The new high-performance SMART HEATING technology, developed exclusively by Inoxriv, showed a higher efficiency on induction hobs in terms of heating speed and homogeneous heat distribution.

Thanks to its characteristics, it guarantees a reduction of the heating times up to 25% and exceptional cooking performances with considerable energy savings.

The homogeneous distribution of heat allows a better control in cooking, avoiding the risk of burns, and prevents the deposit on the surface of the pan of residues and incrustations difficult to remove.

A significant non-stick effect and extreme ease of cleaning are thus guaranteed.