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We support art and creativity in all their forms

One thing characterizes us both as a company and as a family: the interest in culture and creativity in all their forms. They are a great example the sponsorships of art events, concerts and theater performances, the cultural initiatives, the publications of texts and the editions of art multiples.

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Reprint of the text by Agostino Gallo

Le Dieci giornate. Della vera agricoltura, e piaceri della villa.

  • Le dieci giornate
    Le dieci giornate
    Le dieci giornate

Reprint of the first edition of “The ten days. Of true agriculture, and pleasures of the villa” written by Agostino Gallo in 1564, complete with ten drawings made for the occasion one for each chapter, by contemporary visual artists: Giulio Paolini, Steiner + Lenzlinger, Piero Gilardi, Sabrina Mezzaqui, Emilio Isgrò, Regula Dettwiler, Joseph Kosuth, Lois Weinberger, Mark Dion, Giorgio Griffa. Texts by Elisabetta Bresciani, Bernardo Scaglia, Jochen Gerz, Heimo Zobernig, Jens Kastner. The volume has been reproduced in its original size.

Edizioni l’Obliquo

Cinquantanove ricette d’autore

  • 59 ricette autore
    59 ricette autore
    59 ricette autore

A rather unusual cookbook where the authors (artists, poets, writers, critics and gallery owners) as well as listing the ingredients and their mixture, evoke, with amusing irony, an event linked to their favourite dish.

Edizioni l’Obliquo